Data Record Attribute

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A Data Record Attribute is a 2-tuple composed of a data attribute value and a metadata record that represents a single item property of a data record.



  • Quote: A data attribute describes the value found in each field in a table. Every field or column in a database table represents a single attribute of that table. (An attribute is what the data in that field represents, while the value is the actual data that a specific field contains.
  • Quote: An attribute is a piece of information that needs to be known about the objects in a class. Each object might a have different value for an attribute. E.g. one dog is named Fido, the other is named Bowser.
  • Quote: An attribute is an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity.
  • Quote: Attributes are part of a class declaration in UML. Objects are associated with attribute values describing properties of the object. An attribute has a name and a type specifying the domain of attribute values.
  • Quote: Characteristics or objects closely associated with or that belong to people or things.




  • (Kohavi & Provost, 1998) ⇒ Ron Kohavi, and Foster Provost. (1998). “Glossary of Terms.” In: Machine Leanring 30(2-3).
    • Attribute (field, variable, feature): A quantity describing an instance. An attribute has a domain defined by the attribute type, which denotes the values that can be taken by an attribute. The following domain types are common: