Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT)

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A Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) is a clinical trial that involves decentralized data collection (from patients).



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Central Illustration: Decentralized Clinical Trials. In decentralized clinical trials, patient visits for healthcare provider interaction and laboratory tests are localized in the patient’s community. Medications for the study are provided either directly to the patient or the local healthcare facility. Other interactions, including patient recruitment and monitoring occur via internet interactions, with data secured and maintained virtually.



2020 AdaptingtoaPandemicConductingOn Fig1.png
Figure 1: Decentralized versus traditional clinical trial models. Adapted from Khozin and colleagues[4].
2020 AdaptingtoaPandemicConductingOn Fig2.png
Figure 2: Primary and satellite clinical trial sites. Adapted from Sabesan and colleagues .
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