Automated Text Understanding (NLU) Task

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An Automated Text Understanding (NLU) Task is a text understanding task/ text comprehension task that is an automated text processing task.




  • (Burges, 2013) ⇒ Christopher J.C. Burges. (2013). “Towards the Machine Comprehension of Text: An Essay.” In: Microsoft Research Technical Report MSR-TR-2013-125 Journal.
    • QUOTE: The Machine Comprehension of Text (MCT)1 has been a central goal of Artificial Intelligence for over fifty years. How does one even define “machine comprehension”? Researchers often invoke the Turing test to this end (a machine attains human level intelligence if its responses in a dialog with a human are indistinguishable from those of another human (Turing, 1950), but as Levesque (2013) recently pointed out, this definition has resulted in workers focusing on the wrong task, namely, fooling humans, rather than achieving machine intelligence. But even if researchers could be persuaded to focus on the AI part of the Turing test, the test is still a false goal, in the sense that the typical user would be happy to know that she is having a dialog with a machine if this were a result of her knowing that no human could possibly be that smart. Perhaps shoehorning the research to meet the goal of appearing human-like is a red herring. Levesque also suggests multiple choice tests that require world knowledge (for example, to solve the anaphora problem) as a suitable replacement for the Turing test.