Text-Item Classification Task

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A text-item classification ask is a linguistic classification task whose input is a text item (whose class set is a document category set).







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    • NOTE: it experiments on a search space of ~18,000 Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).



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    • experiment on a search space of less than 18,000 Medical Subject Headings (MeSH).


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    • Work with the International Classification of Diseases (about 12,000 concepts)


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    • The problem of automatic document classification is a part of the larger problem of automatic content analysis. Classification means the determination of subject content. For a document to be classified under a given heading, it must be ascertained that its subject matter relates to that area of discourse. In most cases this is a relatively easy decision for a human being to make. The question being raised is whether a computer can be programmed to determine the subject content of a document and the category (categories) into which it should be classified.