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The Concise Encyclopedia of Statistics presents the essential information about statistical tests, concepts, and analytical methods in language that is accessible to practitioners and students of the vast community using statistics in medicine, engineering, physical science, life science, social science, and business / economics. The reference is alphabetically arranged to provide quick access to the fundamental tools of statistical methodology and biographies of famous statisticians. The more than 500 entries include definitions, history, mathematical details, limitations, examples, references, and further readings. All entries include cross-references as well as the key citations. The back matter includes a timeline of statistical inventions. This reference will be an enduring resource for locating convenient overviews about this essential field of study.


ARMA Models, Acceptance Region, Accuracy, Algorithm, Alternative Hypothesis, Analysis of Binary Data, Analysis of Categorical Data, Analysis of Residuals, Analysis of Variance, Anderson, Oskar, Anderson, Theodore W., Anderson–Darling Test, Arithmetic Mean, Arithmetic Triangle, Arrangement, Attributable Risk, Autocorrelation, Avoidable Risk, Bar Chart, Barnard, George A., Bayes' Theorem, Bayes, Thomas, Bayesian Statistics, Bernoulli Distribution, Bernoulli Family, Bernoulli Trial, Bernoulli's Theorem, Bernoulli, Jakob, Beta Distribution, Bias, Bienaymé, Irénée-Jules, Binary Data, Binomial, Binomial Distribution, Binomial Table, Binomial Test, Biostatistics, Block, Bonferroni, Carlo E., Bootstrap, Boscovich, Roger J., Box Plot, Box, E.P. George, C p Criterion, Categorical Data, Category, Cauchy Distribution, Causal Epidemiology, Cause and Effect in Epidemiology, Census, Central Limit Theorem, Chebyshev's Inequality, Chebyshev, Pafnutii Lvovich, Chi-Square Distance, Chi-Square Table, Chi-Square Test, Chi-square Distribution, Chi-square Goodness of Fit Test, Chi-square Test of Independence, Classification, Cluster Analysis, Cluster Sampling, Coefficient of Determination, Coefficient of Kurtosis, Coefficient of Skewness, Coefficient of Variation, Collinearity, Combination, Combinatory Analysis, Compatibility, Complementary, Complete Linkage Method, Completely Randomized Design, Composite Index Number, Conditional Probability, Confidence Interval, Confidence Level, Contingency Table, Continuous Distribution Function, Continuous Probability Distribution, Contrast, Convergence, Convergence Theorem, Correlation Coefficient, Correspondence Analysis, Covariance, Covariance Analysis, Covariation, Cox, David R., Cox, Mary Gertrude, Cramér, Harald, Criterion Of Total Mean Squared Error, Critical Value, Cyclical Fluctuation, Daniels, Henry E., Data, Data Analysis, Data Collection, De Moivre, Abraham, De Moivre–Laplace Theorem, Decile, Degree of Freedom, Deming, W. Edwards, Demography, Dendrogram, Density Function, Dependence, Dependent Variable, Descriptive Epidemiology, Descriptive Statistics, Design of Experiments, Determinant, Deviation, Dichotomous Variable, Dichotomy, Discrete Distribution Function, Discrete Probability Distribution, Discrete Uniform Distribution, Dispersion, Distance, Distance Table, Distribution Function, Dot Plot, Durbin–Watson Test, Econometrics, Edgeworth, Francis Y., Efron, Bradley, Eigenvalue, Eigenvector, Epidemiology, Error, Estimation, Estimator, Event, Expected Value, Experiment, Experimental Unit, Exploratory Data Analysis, Exponential Distribution, Extrapolation, Factor, Factor Level, Factorial Axis, Factorial Experiment, Fisher Distribution, Fisher Index, Fisher Table, Fisher Test, Fisher, Irving, Fisher, Ronald Aylmer, Forecasting, Fractional Factorial Design, Frequency, Frequency Curve, Frequency Distribution, Frequency Polygon, Frequency Table, Galton, Francis, Gamma Distribution, Gauss, Carl Friedrich, Gauss–Markov Theorem, Generalized Inverse, Generalized Linear Regression, Generation of Random Numbers, Genetic Statistics, Geometric Distribution, Geometric Mean, Geometric Standard Deviation, Geostatistics, Gini Index, Gini, Corrado, Goodness of Fit Test, Gosset, William Sealy, Graeco-Latin Square Design, Graeco-Latin Squares, Graphical Representation, Harmonic Mean, Hat Matrix, Histogram, Homogeneity Test, Hotelling, Harold, Huber, Peter J., Hypergeometric Distribution, Hypothesis, Hypothesis Testing, Hájek, Jaroslav, Idempotent Matrix, Identity Matrix, Incidence, Incidence Rate, Incomplete Data, Independence, Independent Variable, Index Number, Indicator, Inertia, Inertia Matrix, Inference, Inferential Statistics, Inner Product, Interaction, Interquartile Range, Interval, Inverse Matrix, Inversion, Irregular Variation, Jackknife Method, Jeffreys, Harold, Joint Density Function, Joint Distribution Function, Joint Probability Distribution Function, Kendall Rank Correlation Coefficient, Kendall, Maurice George, Kiefer, Jack Carl, Kolmogorov, Andrei Nikolaevich, Kolmogorov–Smirnov Test, Kruskal-Wallis Table, Kruskal-Wallis Test, L 1 Estimation, Lagrange Multiplier, Laplace Distribution, Laplace, Pierre Simon De, Laspeyres Index, Latin Square, Latin Square Designs, Law of Large Numbers, Least Absolute Deviation Regression, Least Significant Difference Test, Least Squares, Least-Squares Method, Legendre, Adrien Marie, Lehmann, Erich, Level of Significance, Leverage Point, Likelihood Ratio Test, Line Chart, Linear Programming, Logarithmic Transformation, Logistic Regression, Lognormal Distribution, Longitudinal Data, Mahalanobis Distance, Mahalanobis, Prasanta Chandra, Main Effect, Mann–Whitney Test, Marginal Density Function, Marginal Distribution Function, Markov, Andrei Andreevich, Matrix, Maximum Likelihood, Mean, Mean Absolute Deviation, Mean Squared Error, Measure of Central Tendency, Measure of Dispersion, Measure of Dissimilarity, Measure of Kurtosis, Measure of Location, Measure of Shape, Measure of Similarity, Measure of Skewness, Median, Median Absolute Deviation, Method of Moments, Missing Data, Missing Data Analysis, Mode, Model, Moment, Monte Carlo Method, Moving Average, Multicollinearity, Multimodal Distribution, Multinomial Distribution, Multiple Correlation Coefficient, Multiple Linear Regression, Negative Binomial Distribution, Nelder, John A., Newcomb, Simon, Neyman, Jerzy, Nonlinear Regression, Nonparametric Statistics, Nonparametric Test, Norm of a Vector, Normal Distribution, Normal Equations, Normal Probability Plot, Normal Table, Normalization, Null Hypothesis, Observation, Odds and Odds Ratio, Official Statistics, Ogive, Olkin, Ingram, One-Sided Test, One-Way Analysis of Variance, Operations Research, Optimal Design, Optimization, Outlier, Paasche Index, Pair of Random Variables, Paired Student's T-Test, Panel, Parameter, Parametric Test, Partial Autocorrelation, Partial Correlation, Partial Least Absolute Deviation Regression, Partial Least-Squares Regression, Pearson, Egon Shape, Pearson, Karl, Percentage, Percentile, Permutation, Pictogram, Pie Chart, Pitman, Edwin James George, Point Estimation, Poisson Distribution, Poisson, Siméon-Denis, Pooled Variance, Population, Prevalence, Prevalence Rate, Probability, Probability Distribution, Probability Function, Q-Q Plot (Quantile to Quantile Plot), Qualitative Categorical Variable, Quantile, Quantitative Graph, Quantitative Variable, Quartile, Quetelet, Adolphe, Quota Sampling, Random Experiment, Random Number, Random Number Generation, Random Variable, Randomization, Randomized Block Design, Range, Rank of a Matrix, Rao, Calyampudi Radhakrishna, Regression Analysis, Rejection Region, Relation, Relative Risk, Resampling, Residual, Rice, Stuart Arthur, Ridge Regression, Risk, Robust Estimation, Sample, Sample Size, Sample Space, Sampling, Sampling Distribution, Scatterplot, Scheffé, Henry, Seasonal Index, Seasonal Variation, Secular Trend, Semilogarithmic Plot, Serial Correlation, Sign Test, Significance Level, Simple Index Number, Simple Linear Regression, Simple Random Sampling, Simulation, Snedecor, George Waddel, Spatial Data, Spatial Statistics, Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient, Spearman Table, Standard Deviation, Standard Error, Standardized Data, Statistic, Statistical Software, Statistical Table, Statistics, Stem and Leaf, Stem-And-Leaf Diagram, Stochastic Process, Stratified Sampling, Student, Student Distribution, Student Table, Student Test, Sure Event, Survey, Systematic Sampling, Target Population, Test of Independence, Time Series, Trace, Transformation, Transpose, Treatment, Tukey, John Wilder, Two-Sided Test, Two-way Analysis of Variance, Type I Error, Type II Error, Uniform Distribution, Unimodal Distribution, Value, Variable, Variance, Variance Analyses, Variance of a Random Variable, Variance–Covariance Matrix, Vector, Von Mises, Richard, Weighted Arithmetic Mean, Weighted Least-Squares Method, Wilcoxon Signed Table, Wilcoxon Signed Test, Wilcoxon Table, Wilcoxon Test, Wilcoxon, Frank, Willcox, Walter Francis, Yates' Algorithm, Youden, William John, Yule and Kendall Coefficient, Yule, George Udny, p-Value.



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